My Red LightSpeed

My Red LightSpeed

July 28, 2008

NCRA Anaheim convention

Mark Kislingbury, writing on the LightSpeed, realtimed the NCRA business meeting for a webcast and won the 2008 speed competition!! How awesome is that?

And it seems like some fellow forumers from depoman took the leap and bought a LS!

July 23, 2008

About Bluetooth

jenny posted on depoman a Bluetooth/SD card/cable explanation:

I just spoke to Corey at Stenovations regarding the BT/SD/Cable issues. Here's what I learned from him. When you write through the LS cable, you get the benefit of the LS sensitivity settings and the anti-stacking and combination rules if you have those checked. The only thing that is writing to the SD card at the same time is the sensitivity settings; you are not getting any anti-stacking and combination rules applied to your SD card.
When you write using Bluetooth to your computer, you are only getting the benefit of the sensitivity settings, and you are not getting any anti-stacking and combination rules. You are also not getting those rules applied to your SD card. Therefore, your Bluetooth real time translation and a translation from the SD card should be identical. If they are not, it means that "something may be off" with your particular Bluetooth program. Apparently there are several different Bluetooth programs out there, and the only thing Corey could tell me was that the Kensington Bluetooth seemed to work well, and the BlueSoleil Bluetooth doesn't work at all.
If you are writing solely to your SD card, you are still getting the benefit of the sensitivity settings - but no anti-stacking and combination rule - because when you initially set up those sensitivity settings, they are being saved in the LS itself.
I just read this back to another support person, and he said I appear to understand. If you believe any part of this explanation is incorrect, please let me know. I truly want to understand how this is working because I am still having trouble getting the absolute best translation.

July 22, 2008

Great time at the beach

The ACRA conference in Orange Beach, Alabama, was great! A large number of reporters stopped and wrote on my LightSpeed. As luck would have it, my Stenovations vendor table was at the entrance/exit door of the seminars, so they had to pretty much trip over me to get in and out ;)

Mike Camp and Melanie Garner brought their LS's to the conference, both white writers and with the keypads. When I wrote on Melanie's, I kind of liked the keypads! But I'm not going to be sticking them on mine anytime soon.

July 16, 2008

Come see the LS at the beach!

The Alabama Court Reporters Association Summer Convention is tomorrow, July 17, to Saturday, July 19. I will be there with my red LightSpeed at the Stenovations vendor table. Come visit me and see this wonderful writer!

July 11, 2008

USB cable

There have been many instances of "split strokes" reported during realtime. But then, checking the SD card, the strokes are there and fine. What's up with that?

It's the USB cable. Go get a new USB cable, one with the little "barrel thingy," as we fondly call it, or use the USB cable from your camera. (Apparently cameras come with great cables!) There you go.

This problem with the cables has frustrated and confounded many LS users, resulting in an overwhelming desire to throw your LS off the nearest bridge into the river. Don't do that! Just get a new, improved cable. I'm hoping Stenovations will begin sending out "nicer" cables.